A solution X is prepared by mixing ethanol and water. The mole fraction of ethanol in the mixture is 0.8, then depression in freezing point of solution X is. ( Kf water = 1.86 and Kf ethanol = 2.0 )
1. 4.34 K
2. 10.86 K
3. 5.434 K
4. 1.35 K

Asked by rajeshtitu | 17th Jul, 2016, 08:53: PM

Expert Answer:

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We have not understood the query that you have posted. We would request you to clarify / provide additional details so that we may answer this to the best of the ability.
The information which you have provided just helps to calculate moles of water and ethanol. But for further calculation of molality other details (like mass of solvent in kg) are missing.
So please provide the proper question.


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Answered by Arvind Diwale | 19th Jul, 2016, 12:17: PM