A sol. of 0.1 M KMnO4 is used for the reaction S2O3 2- +2MnO4 - +H2O =MnO2 +SO4 2- +OH- What vol. of sol. in ml will be required to react with 0.158 gm of Na2S2O3 ?

Asked by  | 26th Mar, 2013, 10:37: AM

Expert Answer:

1 mole of S 2- needs 2moles of MnO -

So,  0.1M KMnO contains 0.1 moles in 1000 ml of solution


0.158 gm of Na contains 0.001 moles equivalent



0.05 moles of Na reacts in 1000 ml of solution

0.001 moles will react with 20 ml of KMnO solution

Answered by  | 10th Apr, 2013, 10:00: AM

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