A small firm manufactures necklaces and bracelets. The total number of necklaces and bracelets that it can handle per day is at most 24. It takes 1 hour to make a bracelet and half an hour to make a necklace. The maximum number of hours available per day is 16. If the profit on a necklace is Rs 100 and that on a bracelet is Rs 300, how many of each should be produced daily to maximize the profit? It is being given that at least one of each must be produced. The answer given in the book is : x=16; y= 8

Asked by Manoj | 14th Jul, 2013, 03:16: PM

Expert Answer:

Let x and y respectively be the number of necklaces and bracelets to be produced.

Answered by  | 16th Jul, 2013, 11:28: PM

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