A simple pendulum is completely submerged in water. Discuss the variation in its time period. By Shourya

Asked by Shourya Mukherjee | 3rd May, 2012, 04:09: PM

Expert Answer:

There will be a buoyant force on the bob.
So the force in the vertical direction=mg-B=Vdsg-Vdlg
the restoring torque=-V(ds-dl)gl?=-k?
spring factor,k=V(ds-dl)gl
time period=2??(inertia factor/spring factor)
=2??{ml2 /V(ds-dl)gl}    ,m=Vds

so, T=2??l/a
put the value of a in the above expression.

Answered by  | 8th May, 2012, 03:50: PM

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