A sample of mixture of Na2CO3 AND NaHCO3 is subjected to heating till there is no further loss of in weight of the sample is 22% of the initial weight of the mixture due to evolution of CO2, find out the relative percentages of the 2 components in the mixture.

Asked by  | 31st May, 2012, 08:33: PM

Expert Answer:

2NaHCO3   ? Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2
168g                             18g    44g
22% loss means .22 g
 so, weight is lost by heating = 168 X .22 /62=  .596g NaHCO3
If sample is 1 gram then  sample contains 1- .596 =.404 g Na2CO3
% of Na2CO3 = .404 x100= 40%

Answered by  | 28th Jun, 2012, 07:23: PM

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