a resistor has a resistance of 176 ohms . how many of these resistors should be connectd in parallel so that their combinations draws a current of 5 ampere from a 220 volt supply line?

Asked by swetasingh20392 | 11th May, 2016, 05:54: PM

Expert Answer:

Given that the resistors are connected in parallel. That is,
begin mathsize 12px style 1 over straight R subscript straight P equals 1 over straight R subscript 1 plus 1 over straight R subscript 2 plus 1 over straight R subscript 3....... straight x space times
Given space that space straight R subscript 1 space equals space straight R subscript 2 equals space...... space equals space 176 space straight capital omega end style
So, RP = (176/x) Ω
The equivalent resistance of the resistors connected in parallel is given by Ohm’s law as VIR
Where, V= 220 V and Current, I = 5 A
220 V = 5 A × (176/x) 
On solving, we get
x = 4
Four resistors should be connected in parallel.

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 11th May, 2016, 08:14: PM