A refrigerator with its power on is kept in a closed room ,with its door open. What happens to the temperature of the room? why?

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Expert Answer:

In any refrigerator a certain amount of heat Q2 is absorbed from
the objects you want to cool and a larger amount of heat Q1 is
released to the outside through the radiator behind the
refrigerator. If you keep your hand on the radiator, it will feel
Theheat released is carried away by air currents to the open space
outside the room. Normally the compressor of a refrigerator
operates only for part of the time because the thermostat switches
off the compressor when a set temperature is reached.
When the door of the refrigerator is kept open, the compressor will work all
the time as the heat in the room is too large and the temperature
never reaches the cut off point of the thermostatic switch. So
more heat is released into the room than what is absorbed. If the
ventilation is insufficient this will cause the room to warm up. In
fact if all the doors and windows in the room are closed and there
is no ventilation, the temperature of the room will increase even
when the door of the refrigerator is kept closed. This is because
the radiator of the refrigerator releases heat into the room.
The refrigerator is normally kept in a room with the
radiator about a foot from the wall and close to a window.

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