A Rectangular surface has length 4661 and breath 3316 meter . on this area square tiles are to be put . find the maximum length of such tiles

Asked by kalyani semwal | 12th Jun, 2013, 08:42: PM

Expert Answer:

The are of the rectangular surface = l x b = 4661 x 3316 m^2 = 15455876 m^2
Now let the side of the square be a. 
To find the maximum length of the tile, we can assume that just 1 tile is being put. 
Hence Area of square = area of rectangular surface. 
a^2 = 15455876 m^2
a = 3931.396m 
However, since 1 side of the rectangle is 3316m which is less than 3931.396m. hence, the maximum length of the tile can be 3316m. 

Answered by  | 13th Jun, 2013, 03:50: AM

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