A rectangular courtyard is 18 m 72 cm long and 13 m 20cm broad. it is to be paved with square tiles of the same size.find the least possible number of such tiles

Asked by ayushkumarsinha0804 | 7th Jul, 2019, 12:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Length of each tile will be =) HCF of 18m 72m and 13m 20cm which will be 24cm.

Area of the tile =(24×24)sq cm =576 sq cm

Area of courtyard= 1872 cm ×1320 cm =2,471,040 sq cm

No. of tiles = 2471040 ÷ 576 =4290 

Answered by Arun | 7th Jul, 2019, 02:27: PM