A ray of light coming from vacuum is incident on a glass slab of transparent material, the light is partially reflected from the surface and partially refracted into the glass slab. The reflected and refracted rays are mutually perpendicular. Which of the following is not a possible value for the angle of incidence in this case. i) 40 deg ii) 50 deg iii) 65 deg iv) 75 deg

Asked by  | 23rd Dec, 2011, 09:37: PM

Expert Answer:

µ=sin i/sin r
hereif u draw the diagram, 'll see from geometry as i+r+90=180   so,   r=90-i: tan i=µ=1.5 if glass
so i=tan-1 1.5 equals to around 65 degree.

Answered by  | 26th Dec, 2011, 10:05: AM

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