a raised to power 0 =1

Asked by Shrivatsa | 13th Jun, 2016, 08:47: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 12px style 0 to the power of 0 space is space an space apostrophe indeterminate space form apostrophe space as space you space will space learn space in space higher space classes.
Different space methods space give space different space values space for space 0 to the power of 0.
So space we space try space to space find space the space apostrophe limit apostrophe space of space an space expression space which space is space in space 0 to the power of 0 space form.
For space now comma space just space remember space it space as space straight a to the power of 0 equals 1 comma space when space straight a not equal to 0 end style

Answered by satyajit samal | 15th Jun, 2016, 08:53: AM