a pump on the ground floor of a building can pump water to fill the tank of volume 30 m cube in 15 minutes .if the tank is 40 m above the ground and efficiency of the pump is 30% how much electric power is consumed by the pump.mam its really urgent..

Asked by fathimaansari | 15th Jan, 2012, 04:59: PM

Expert Answer:

Mass of water to be pumped up, m= 30 m3 x 1000 kg/m3     (density of water =1000kgm-3)

Height, h= 40 m; time t =15 minute= 15 x 60 s= 900sec

Required power =mgh/t = (3x 104 x9.8 x 40W)/900

Power consumed = (100/30) x(3x 104 x9.8 x 40W)/900         (as efficiency =30%)

                            =4.36 x 104 W or 43.6 kW

Answered by  | 15th Jan, 2012, 05:57: PM

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