A pump delivers 1000 L of water into a tank at a height of 15 m in 120s.Calculate the work done by the pump and its power?(g= 9.8m/s2)

Asked by SINDHUJA SRIVASTAVA | 9th Mar, 2015, 08:29: PM

Expert Answer:

Given height, h = 15 m
Mass of water = 1000 L × 1 kg/L = 1000 kg
Work done by the pump is equal the potential energy= mgh
= 1000 × 9.8 × 15
= 147 kJ
begin mathsize 14px style Power space is space the space rate space of space doing space work Power space equals Work over Time equals fraction numerator 147 cross times 10 cubed space straight J over denominator 120 space straight s end fraction equals 1.225 space kW Work space done space by space the space pump space equals space 147 space straight J The space power space of space the space pump space equals space 1.225 space kW end style

Answered by Jyothi Nair | 10th Mar, 2015, 08:59: AM