A pulley system has 5 pulleys in all and 75prcnt efficient.Calculate
Effort required to lift a load of 875N
Resistance due to movable parts of pulley system

Asked by lovemaan5500 | 1st Dec, 2017, 01:09: PM

Expert Answer:

M A equals n space x V R
N u m b e r space o f space p u l l e y s space equals space V R space equals 5

n equals 75 divided by 100

M A equals 75 over 100 x 5 equals 3.75

M A equals fraction numerator l o a d over denominator e f f o r t end fraction

e f f o r t equals fraction numerator 875 over denominator 3.75 end fraction equals 233.33 space

r e s i s tan c e equals space e f f o r t left parenthesis V R minus M A right parenthesis equals space 233.33 space left parenthesis 5 minus 3.75 right parenthesis equals 291.665 N

Answered by Gajendra | 1st Dec, 2017, 06:38: PM