A projectile of mass 9.6 kg is launched from the ground with an initial velocity of 12.4 m/s at an angle of 54 degrees above the horizontal (see the figure). At some time after its launch, an explosion splits the projectile into two pieces. One piece, of mass 6.5 kg, is observed at 1.42 seconds after the launch to be at a height of 5.9 m and at a horizontal distance of 13.6 m from the launch point. Find the location of the second fragment at that same instant of time. I have no idea how to approach this. I know I'm supposed to use center of mass, and probably conservation of momentum but I'm stumped. Please help!

Asked by Prag Sangha | 8th Dec, 2013, 02:26: PM

Expert Answer:

First alculate where the projectile would have been at 1.42 if it had not been split. This will be the position of the center of mass (Xc, Yc).

Answered by Komal Parmar | 9th Dec, 2013, 06:15: PM

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