A police jeep is chasing a culprit going on a motorbike. The motorbike crosses the turning at a speed of 72km/h.The jeep follows it at a speed of 90 km/h,crossing the turning ten secs later than the bike. Assuming that they travel at constant speeds, how far from the turning will the jeep catch up the bike

Asked by aditi.priya | 22nd Aug, 2010, 06:55: AM

Expert Answer:

Their displacements will be the same from the turn.
But the jeep starts 10 sec later i.e. 10/3600 hrs later.
Smb = umbt   = 72t
Sjeep = ujeep (t - 10/3600) = 90(t - 10/3600)       ... since the time taken by jeep will be 10 sec less.
Smb = Sjeep
72t = 90(t - 10/3600)
t = 1/72 hrs.
Hence the distance = 72x1/72 = 1 km .
So from 1 km from the turn jeek will catch the bike.

Answered by  | 22nd Aug, 2010, 10:19: AM

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