a police jeep is chasing a culprit, going on a motobike . the motorbike crosses a turning, at a speed of 72 km/hr. the jeep follow it at a speed of 108 km/hr, crossing the turning 10 secsonds later than the bike. assuming that they travel at a constant speeds, how far from the turning will the jeep catch up jeep with the bike.

Asked by PriyaAnk ShaRma | 16th May, 2013, 10:11: PM

Expert Answer:

Speed of motor bike= 72km/hr = 72x1000/3600 = 20 m/sec

Speed of police jeep = 108 km/hr = 108x1000/3600 = 30 m/sec

Let the jeep catch up the bike after t sec.

At this time the distance travelled by the jeep = speed x time= 30 x t

Distance travelled by motor bike = 20 x (t+10)

At this distance both will be at same position thus equating above values

30t = 20 (t+10)

t= 20 sec.

Thus distance travelled by jeep in 20 sec = 30x20= 600 m

Answered by  | 23rd May, 2013, 11:43: PM

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