A plate of mass 100 gram is kept floating horizontally in air by bullets which are fixed with the same velocity at the rate of 10 bullets per second. If the mass of each bullet is 5 grams, and if the bullets rebounds in opposite direction with same speed then calculate the velocity of each bullet at the time of impact

Asked by Yash Mishra | 7th Nov, 2013, 12:56: PM

Expert Answer:

The mass of plate is M = 100 g = 0.1 kg
The mass of bullet is m = 5 g = 0.005 kg
The bullets are fired at a rate of 10 bullets per second.
Let v be the speed of each bullet.
After colliding with the plate, they rebound with same speed.
Thus, rate of change in momentum of the bullets, that is, the force exerted by bullets is
2 v × 0.005 × 10
This balances the weight of the plate.
2 v × 0.005 × 10 = 0.1 × 9.8
v = 9.8 m/s

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 11th Nov, 2013, 01:41: PM

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