A piece of wood weighs 10 g in air. When a heavy piece of metal is suspended below it, the metal being submerged in water. The ' weight of wood in air + metal in water is 14 g . The 'weight ' when both the wood and metal are submerged in water is 2g . Find the volume and density of wood .

Asked by  | 11th Sep, 2012, 01:35: PM

Expert Answer:

Let the volume of wood=Vw
volume of metal=Vm
density of wood=dw
density of metal=dm
total weight of wood & metal-total bouyant force=apparant weight of both when emerged
(Vwdw+Vmdm)-Vmx(density of water)-Vwx(density of water)=2
putting the values from prev given equation:

Answered by  | 11th Sep, 2012, 03:36: PM

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