A person moves on a semicircular track of radius 40 m if he starts at one end of the track and reaches other end of the track find distance travelled & magnitude of displacement of person.

Asked by yashwantjain12 | 2nd Dec, 2015, 10:40: AM

Expert Answer:

Radius, r = 40 m
Distance = πr = begin mathsize 14px style 22 over 7 cross times 40 space straight m equals 125.7 space straight m end style
The distance travelled by the person is 125.7 m.
Displacement is distance between final and initial points which is the diameter.
Displacement = 2×r = 2×40 m = 80 m
The magnitude of displacement of person is 80 m.

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 2nd Dec, 2015, 12:19: PM