A person is traveling from ground floor to the first floorin a mall using an escalator. When the person is standing on the moving escalator it takes 1 minute for him to reach the first floor. If the escalator does not move it takes him 3minutes to walk up the stationary escalator to reach the top. How long will it take the person to reach the top if he walks up the moving escalator

Asked by Braham | 3rd Jun, 2013, 10:33: PM

Expert Answer:

according to relative velocity,
velocity of man walking up in a moving escalator woud be = velocity of escalator  + velocity of man, V = Ve + V
if heoght is H
thus time taken,
T = H/V = H/(Ve+Vm) = 1/(1/Te + 1/Tm) = 1/(1/1 + 1/3) = 3/4 min

Answered by  | 4th Jun, 2013, 12:22: AM

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