A particle of mass 4m which is at rest explodes into three pieces. If its two pieces each of mass m fly off with equal speed v mutually perpendicular directions, then calculate the total energy released in the process of explosion

Asked by Yash Mishra | 7th Nov, 2013, 12:53: PM

Expert Answer:

The mass of particle is 4m. It explodes into 3 pieces. Two pieces of mass m each and one piece of mass 2m.
Thus, the momentum of mass 2m is equal to the momentum of the two masses m.
The two fragments of mass m fly off perpendicular to each other with speed v. Hence, the resultant momentum of the two pieces is along the diagonal given as 2mv cos45
Thus, using momentum conservation, we have
2mv' = 2mv cos45
v' = v/
The energy released in explosion is equal to the sum of kinetic energies of the three pieces.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 7th Nov, 2013, 02:08: PM

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