A  particle  moves in a circle with O as centre and AO=OB=5CM, as radius . It starts from A. Calculate :  (1) the distance covered ; and the displacement , when it reaches B

Asked by wanidrjaveed | 10th Mar, 2017, 12:17: PM

Expert Answer:

Distance is the total length covered between A and B that is length of minor arc AB subtended by central angle straight theta =radius cross times straight theta=5straight theta.
Displacement is the change in the final position from the original position, 
this in our case it would be length of the chord AB = 2ropen parentheses Sinθ over 2 close parentheses=10open parentheses Sinθ over 2 close parentheses

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 10th Mar, 2017, 07:08: PM