A particle moves along a circle of constant radius with radial acceleration changing with time a(base r)= kt(power n) where k is constant and n>1. how does the power developed by the net force on the particle vary with time?

Asked by venkata_1506 | 6th Sep, 2015, 07:58: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear venkata_1506@yahoo.in

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We have not understood the query that you have posted.
The acceleration ic changing with time, but the equation that you have provided does not match dimensionally ar = ktn
Here, unit of LHS is ms-2 and that of RHS is sn.
So, we would request you to clarify / provide additional details so that we may answer this to the best of the ability. If you can provide the actual source of the question then it would be helpful.


Topperlearning Team.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 7th Sep, 2015, 01:57: PM