a particle is projected with velocity of 20m/s along the horizontal direction from a long tower. what will be the ratio of de broglie wavelength of the particle when the velocity vector makes an angle of 30and 60 degree with horizontal?

Asked by FIZA SINGH | 25th May, 2013, 09:28: AM

Expert Answer:

the horizontal velocity of the particle is fixed Vh = 20m/s
in downward direction it suffers an accelration,g = 10m/s2
when veelocity vector makes an angle of 30 degree, the verticle velocity will be Vv = tan 30  * Vh
or Vv = 11.5 m/s
thus magnitude of velocity, V1 = 23.1 m/s
and when angle is 60 degree, the verticle velocity will be, Vv = 28.64 m/s
thus the net magnitude of vlocity, V2 = 34.93 m/s
ratio of de broglie wavelength= v2/v1          (degroglie wavelength is inversely proportional to the velocity)

Answered by  | 30th May, 2013, 12:16: PM

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