A particle is projected with a velocity of 30m/s,making an angle of 25 degree with the horizontal. calculate the position and velocity after 1second and 1.5 second.

Asked by jayagopal tr thoppil raman | 28th Aug, 2012, 09:48: PM

Expert Answer:

The horizontal component of the velocity is: Ux = (30cos 25) m/s
vertical component: Uy = (30sin 25) m/s
velocity after t sec:
horizontal component of velocity will remain same in all the cases as no acceleration is in horizontal direction.
vertical component of velocity will change as there is a vertical comppnent of acceleration due to gravity: thus Vy = Uy - gt
position after t sec:
horizontal component of position: Uxt
vertical component of position: -(Vy2 - Uy2)/2g     (using 3rd equation  of motion)

Answered by  | 29th Aug, 2012, 05:38: PM

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