A number is 36 less than the number obtained by reversing its digits. If its unit’s and ten’s digits are x and y respectively, write the linear equation representing the given information. Also draw the graph of the equation

Asked by Imrantahirshreyas | 14th Jun, 2020, 04:15: PM

Expert Answer:

The original number is 10x+y = xy
After reversing its digits, the resulting number would be 10y+x, which is 36 more than the number 10x+y (Since 10x+y is 36 less than 10y+x).
10y+x = 10x + y +36
9y - 9x = 36
y - x = 4
The graph of which is as follows:

Answered by Renu Varma | 16th Jun, 2020, 10:28: AM