A military tent of height 8.25m is in the form of a right circular cylinder of base diameter 30m and height 5.5m surmounted by a right circular cone of same base radius. find the length of the canvas if the breadth of the canvas is 1.5m.

Asked by Sahil | 27th Feb, 2013, 11:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Radius of the cylinder = 30/2 = 15 m
Height of the cylinder = 5.5m
Total height of the tent = 8.25 m
So, the height of the cone = 8.25 - 5.5 m = 2.75 m
Slant height of cone (l) = 
Since, the area of the canvas would be equal to the total surface area of the tent. 
Curved surface area of cone = pi*r*l = 718.93 m2
Curved surface area of cylinder = 2*pi*r*h = 518.57 m2
So, total CSA of tent = 1237.5m2
Let the length of the canvas be L
Hence, L* 1.5 = 1237.5
L = 825 m

So, the length of the canvas is 825 m

Answered by  | 28th Feb, 2013, 05:04: AM

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