A man running on a horizontal road at 8 km/h finds the rain falling vertically.He increases his speed to 12 km/h and finds that the drops make angle 30 degrees with the vertical.Find the speed and direction of the rain with respect to the road.

Asked by snehamapink | 29th Jul, 2012, 10:02: PM

Expert Answer:

Since when the person runs at 8 km/h the rain seems to be coming verticaly down thus the horizontal component of rain, Vx is 8 km/h
When he incrreases his relative speed by 4 km/h with the horizontal component of rain, it seems to fall at an angle of 30 degrees with the vertical.
It means the vertical component, Vy is: 4/Vy = tan 30
Vy = 6.93 km/h
V = 10.58 km/h
and angle of falling is: tan-1(8/6.93)

Answered by  | 5th Aug, 2012, 01:49: AM

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