A man is moving on a horizontal road with velocity 4 m/s and he observe that the raindrops are coming in vertically downward direction. If he doubles his speed, then he observes the raindrops are coming at an angle of 45 degree with vertical. Find actual velocity of the rain.

Asked by  | 25th May, 2011, 04:05: AM

Expert Answer:

The rain has a horizontal velocity of 4 m/s since that is the velocity of the man if he sees the rain having no horizontal velocity. If later he moves with 8 m/s, he sees the rain having 4 m/s horizontal velocity in his face and since the rain is at an angle of 45 degrees (btw: this is not metric) its vertical velocity must be the same, i.e. 4 m/s. 

The answer: the rain moves 4 m/s down and 4 m/s in the direction of the man which is a total velocity of

Answered by  | 26th May, 2011, 03:16: AM

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