A man has Rs 1500 for purchasing rice and wheat. A bag of rice and a bag of wheat cost Rs 180 and Rs 120 respectively. He has the storage capacity of at most 10 bags. He earns a profit of Rs 11 and Rs 9 per bag of rice and wheat respectively. Formulate the above program as an LPP to maximise the profit and solve graphically.

Asked by  | 14th Dec, 2012, 07:51: PM

Expert Answer:

Let x = number of bags of rice , y =  number of bags of wheat
The linear progrmming problem will be:
Max Z = 11x + 9y subject to
3x + 2y ? 25
x + y ? 10
x, y ? 0
When you will draw the graph, you will get the maximum profit at point (5, 5) - the point of intersection of the two lines.
Thus, for earning maximum profit, 5 bags of rice and wheat should be purchased and sold.
Maximum profit = 11(5) + 9(5) = 55 + 45 = Rs 100

Answered by  | 16th Dec, 2012, 04:28: PM

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