a]How would you realte te following methods to asexual reproduction.
  i]binary fission
 ii]spore formation
b]State any advantage of using sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction.

Asked by aravind kumar | 1st Jan, 2017, 08:43: AM

Expert Answer:

i) Binary fission is the most common method of asexual reproduction in unicellular organisms.It is division of the parent cell.It is seen in amoeba.When amoeba matures, it grows in size.Its nucleus duplicates. Its cytoplasm divides in the middle dividing the parent amoeba into two identical daughter amoebae.
ii) In the lower group of plants such as mosses, ferns and fungi, reproduction occurs by spore formation.When spores fall on a suitable ground, they germinate and give rise to new plants.
iii) Advantages of sexual reproduction are-
(a) Genetic diversity is the main advantage.
(b)Better chance of survival since there is a lower number of offspring.
(c)Increase in the ability of an organism to adapt to the environment.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 2nd Jan, 2017, 09:01: AM