(a) How does reproduction occur in:

(i) Malarial parasite

(ii) Leishmania?

(b) What is meant by multiple fission? Explain the process and give explain.

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Expert Answer:

(a) (i) Multiple fission.

(ii) Binary fission.

(b) This kind of division takes place during unfavorable conditions. The nucleus divides several times into many daughter nuclei. This process takes place inside a cyst which is a protective wall formed in single celled conditions. The daughter nuclei arrange along the periphery of the parent cell, and a bit of cytoplasm around each daughter nucleus develops another membrane. Finally, the multinucleated body divides into as many parts as the number of daughter nuclei and forms daughter individuals. This type of fission, where not one, but several individuals arise, is called multiple fission. Example - Plasmodium.

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