A hollow pendulum bob filled with water has a small hole at the bottom through which water escapes at a constant rate. Which of the following statements describes the variation of the time period (T) of the pendulum as the water flows out ? 

T decreases first and then increases. 
T increases first and then decreases. 
T increases throughout. 
T does not change. 

Plz Choose the correct option and give reason.

Asked by banga71 | 22nd Oct, 2017, 12:21: PM

Expert Answer:

Period of oscillation for pendulam is given by begin mathsize 12px style T space equals space 2 straight pi square root of straight L over straight g end root end style , where L is length of simple pendulam and g is acceleration due to gravity.
Hence period is independent of mass of pendulam. So the answer to the question is 'T does not change '

Answered by  | 23rd Oct, 2017, 10:34: AM