A grocer buys 10 eggs for Rs 8.Set up a linear equation with x representing the number of eggs and y representing the total cost in rupees.By reading the graph,find 1.the cost of 15 eggs 2.the number of eggs for Rs 16

Asked by Raminder Singh | 22nd Feb, 2014, 08:13: AM

Expert Answer:

The cost of 10eggs is Rs.8
Thus the cost of one eg, C o s t space o f space o n e space e g g equals R e.4 over 5
Let x represents the number of eggs and y represents the total cost of x eggs.
Thus the linear equation represents this transaction is y equals 4 over 5 x
Let us observe the following graph:
The points P and Q represent the points when the number of eggs are 15 and 16 respectively.
Draw perpendiculars, PM and QN to y-axis.
Thus, M and N represent the total cost of 15 and 16 eggs respectively.
By reading the graph, the cost of 15 eggs is Rs.12
And the cost of 16 eggs is Rs.12.8

Answered by  | 24th Feb, 2014, 10:56: AM

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