A graph may be defined as a set of points connected by lines called edges. Every edge connects a pair of points. Thus a triangle with 3 edge and 3 points. The degree of a point is the number of the edges connected to it. For example, a triangle is a graph with 3 points of degree 2 each. Consider a graph with 12 points. It is possible to reach from any other point through a sequence of edges. The number of edges, e, in the graph must satisfy the condition:-

a) 11 ≤ e ≤ 66

b) 11 ≤ e ≤ 65

c) 10 ≤ e ≤ 66

d) 0 ≤ e ≤ 11

Asked by acv27joy | 8th Oct, 2018, 10:55: PM

Expert Answer:

Let us consider, there are two points then only one line can pass throught these two points.
If we consider three points then minimum number of edges is 2 and maximum number of edges is three.
Thus, minimum number of edges with 12 points can be 11 and maximum can be 16.
Hence, 11 ≤ e ≤ 66

Answered by Sneha shidid | 15th Oct, 2018, 10:22: AM