A glass vessel weighed 20.2376 gm when empty and 20.3102 gm when filled to an etched mark with water at 4 degree celsius. The same vessel was then dried and filled to the same mark with a solution at 4 degrees celsius. The vessel was now found to weight 20.3300 gm. What is the density of the solution?

Asked by Prince Sonu | 18th Apr, 2013, 09:16: PM

Expert Answer:

Mass of water (at 4oC) = 0.0726 gm

Density of water (at 4oC) = 1 g/cm3

So, volume occupied = mass/density = 0.0726/1 = 0.0726 cm3

Mass of solution = 0.0924 gm

Now since the level of water and solution are the same in the vessel, so volume occupied by both solution and water will be same. 

So, density of solution = mass of sol/vol. of sol. = 0.0924/0.0726 = 1.273 g/cm3

Answered by  | 23rd Apr, 2013, 12:47: PM

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