A freely falling body covers half of its distance in the last 1 second of its journey. then find the total time taken to reach the ground

Asked by Akshit Srivastava | 16th Oct, 2013, 09:23: AM

Expert Answer:

A body is falling freely. Thus, u = 0 m/s, g = 10 m/s2.
Let the total time to hit the ground be t.
Let the distance from top to ground be h
Thus, we have
h = ut + ½gt2 = ½gt2                  ...... (1)
Now, half distance is covered in last 1 second. Hence, first half distance is covered in (t -1) seconds.
Thus, distance from top to half way is given as
h/2 = ½g(t-1)2
h = g(t-1)2                                 ...... (2)
Equating equations 1 and 2, we get

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 17th Oct, 2013, 09:40: AM

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