(a)Describe an activity to determine the direction of magnetic field produced by a current carrying straight conductor.also show that the direction of the magnetic field is reversed on reversing the direction of current.
(b) A alpha particle, which is positively charged particle,enters a uniform magnetic field at right angles to it as shown below.Stating the  relevent principle,explain in which direction will this  alpha particle move?

Asked by hrushikesh.barik | 30th Sep, 2016, 08:07: PM

Expert Answer:

Brief explanation of activity:

Connect the circuit as shown in the figure below. Switch on the battery so that the current begins to flow. Sprinkle some fine iron filings around the current carrying wire. Tap the surface gently. The iron filings get arranged in concentric circles which denotes the shape of magnetic field lines around the straight current carrying conductor (i.e. the wire).

When the direction of current is reversed, direction of field also gets reversed.

(b) You have not provided the diagram based on which the answer can be given. Kindly provide the image so that we may be able to reply.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 3rd Oct, 2016, 09:25: AM

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