A conical cover is required for a chimney.It must be 24cm in diameter at the base and 16cm in height.Find the area of metal sheet required to make it.


Asked by sriyogithas | 24th Aug, 2020, 03:28: PM

Expert Answer:

Given: r = 12 cm and h = 16 cm
Area of metal sheet = Curved surface area of cone = pi rl
straight l equals square root of straight h squared plus straight r squared end root equals square root of 256 plus 144 end root equals square root of 400 equals 20 space cm
Area space of space metal space sheet space equals space πrl space equals space 22 over 7 cross times 12 cross times 20 equals 754.28 space cm squared

Answered by Renu Varma | 25th Aug, 2020, 12:44: PM