a compound on analysis was found to contain C=34.4%,H=3.85%,O=61.55%. Calculate the empirical formula of the compound.

Asked by thakurkushaj | 8th Mar, 2013, 10:46: PM

Expert Answer:

moles C = 34.4 g x 1 mol C/12.01 g/mol C = 2.83 moles C

moles H = 3.85g x 1 mol H/1.01 g/mol H = 3.84 moles H

moles O = 61.55g x 1 mol O/16.00 g/mol O = 3.84 moles O

So, simple ratio between C:H:O is 1:1:1, so the empirical formula is CHO.

Answered by  | 9th Mar, 2013, 11:34: AM

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