A  company manufactures packets of potato chips and its cost and revenue function for a week are begin mathsize 12px style straight C equals 40 space plus space fraction numerator 3 straight x over denominator 2 end fraction space and space straight R equals 4 straight x space where space straight x space is space the space number space of space potato space chip space packets space produced space and space sold space in space straight a space week.
How space many space packets space must space be space sold space by space the space company space to space realize space straight a space profit ? end style 

Asked by Topperlearning User | 7th Sep, 2017, 11:07: AM

Expert Answer:

Now profit revenue function should be greater than cost function i.e. R > C.

This means company must produce and sell more than 16 packets to realise profits. 

Answered by  | 7th Sep, 2017, 01:07: PM