A coil of mean area 500 sq cm and having 1000 turns is hled perpendicular to uniform magnetic field of 0.4 gauss. The coil is turned through 180 degrees in 1/10 second. calculate the average induced emf.

Asked by Dhanashree Deshpande | 20th Nov, 2013, 03:56: PM

Expert Answer:

Given that,
Area of the coil A = 500 m/sec2
No. of turns in the coil N = 1000
Magnetic field B = 0.4 G
Magnetic flux through area A is given by,
Here, when the coil is perpendicular to the magnetic field,
When the coil is turned through 180º,

Answered by Komal Parmar | 20th Nov, 2013, 06:28: PM

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