A circular coil in the form of quadrilateral  is placed in a uniform magnetic field and a current flow through it.  The net magnetic force acting on opposite side 

a) must be zero

b) may be zero

c) must not be zero

D) may not be zero

Asked by girish.me.47 | 8th Sep, 2019, 06:54: AM

Expert Answer:

Force F on a current carrying conductor in uniform magnetic field = B×i×l  ,
where B is magnetic field, i is current and l is length of conductor.
If the coil is in the form of quadrilateral, opposite sides may not be equal.
Sign of the forces in opposite sides are opposite due to opposite current direction.
Since force is proportional to length, magnitude of forces may not be equal.
Hence the net magnetic force acting on opposite sides  may not be zero.

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 8th Sep, 2019, 07:55: AM

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