A charge in a conductor shell, violating newton's third law?

Asked by karanindia123 | 25th May, 2010, 02:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,

  • A charged metal object suspended inside a neutral metal container INDUCES an equal but opposite charge on the inside of the container.
  • When the charged metal object is touched to the inside of the of the container, the induced charge exactly neutralizes the excess charge on the object.
  • When a charged object is placed within a metal container, an equal charge of the same sign is FORCED to the outer surface of the container.
  • All of the charge on any metal object resides on its outer surface if a conducting path is provided so that the charge can move there. Remember that charges will flow between two positions as long as there is a potential difference between those positions. When the voltage has been equalized, all charges will cease to flow.

This describes the implication of your statement.




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