A cell of emf E and internal resistance r is connected to two external resistance R1 and R2 and a perfect ammeter.The current in the circuit is measured in four different situation:
(i)without any external resistance in the circuit
(ii)with resistance R1 only
(iii)with Ri and R2 in series combination
(iv)with R1 and R2 in parallel combination
The currents measured in the four cases are 0.42A,1.05A,1.4A and 4.2A,but not necessarily in that order.Identify the currents corresponding to the four cases mentioned above. 

Asked by Abinash Basistha | 18th Jan, 2017, 04:00: PM

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Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 18th Jan, 2017, 06:33: PM