a carrom board (4ft X 4ft sq)has the queen at the centre .The queen ,hit by the striker moves to the front edge ,rebounds and goes into the hole behind the striking line.Find the magnitude of displacement of the queen (a)from centre to the front edge (b)from the front edge to the hole (c)from the centre to the hole

Asked by rayan | 5th Jun, 2013, 10:33: AM

Expert Answer:

IF the queen goes into the hole. then qe may assume that the queen on front edge strike at the center of the space btween its center and the hole.
(b) sqrt(42 + 12) = 4,12 feeet
(a)  sqrt(22 + 12) = 2.27 feet
(c) the displacemnt would be 1/2 diagonal of the board (because initially the queen was at center=
1/2 sqrt(2(4)2)  = 2.83 feet

Answered by  | 6th Jun, 2013, 09:47: AM

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