A car travells 33 km south 13 km west and 14 km north in half an hour calculate the average velocity 


Asked by Out81874 | 23rd Dec, 2021, 09:56: PM

Expert Answer:

Figure shows the travelled distances and directions as given in question . Initial starting point is A and final destination is D .
Average velocity = Net displacement / time
Net displacemet = AD = begin mathsize 14px style square root of 14 squared plus space 13 squared end root space equals space 19.1 space k m end style
Average velocity = 19.1 km / 0.5 hr = 38.2 km/hr
Directon of velocity as shown in figure is 47o south of west

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 24th Dec, 2021, 09:20: AM