A car has a weight of 8000N. The car is supported by 4 tyres. 
The weight on each tyre is equal.
The area of one tyre in contact with the ground is 150 cm2
Calculate the pressure that one tyre exerts on the ground. 
Show your working and give your answer in N/cm2

Asked by kavitagangar540 | 30th Sep, 2021, 11:40: PM

Expert Answer:

Weight of car = 8000 N 
Weight on each tyre of car = 8000/4 = 2000 N 
Area of one tyre = 150 cm2 
Pressure exerted by one tyre on ground = Force/ Area = 2000/150 N/cm2 = 13.33 N/cm2 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 1st Oct, 2021, 10:58: AM