A bus starting from rest and picks up a velocity of 90 km/hr in 0.5 minute.Calculate the uniform acceleration of the bus in SI  system ?

Asked by Vikas | 1st Jul, 2017, 10:10: AM

Expert Answer:

- The SI unit of acceleration is m/s2 .
- Therefore, convert the velocity v= 90 km/h into m/s by multiplying it with 5/18. (v=25 m/s)
- Similarly convert time t= 0.5 min into secs i.e t= 30 secs.
- As the bus starts from rest, u=0, the uniform acceleration 'a' in SI system can be easily calculated by substituting the converted values of 'v' and 't' 
in the formula,

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 2nd Jul, 2017, 02:29: PM